Scenario list


FrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka

O7 Broken Wings*

DTF-4 Death to Fascism


141 Action at Balberkamp

J19 Merzenhausen Zoo **

DTF-2 Blitzkrieg!


O1 Go big or go home

J103 Lenin’s sons

J43 3rd RTR in the rain

BASLO special balances:

O7: Substitute an MMG for the German HMG.

BASLO bidding:

O7 Russian Balance: Add one DC.

BASLO pre-tournament rulings:

In J19 we have made two pre-tournament rulings regarding the pre-game NTC in SSR4, based on this discussion on GameSquad:


Q. If I set up 5/8” dummies using the OB granted? counters, are they required to take an NTC per the last sentence of SSR4?
A. Yes, but such 5/8” Dummy stacks need not be specified as to exactly which 5/8” stack is taking a NTC.


The NTC happens after the American setup.