CC-2020 Scenarios

Round 1. Journal classics:

J1 Urban Guerillas CC SSR – Delete one 458 from Russian at start OB. (Please note that the setup file on the scenario archive is wrong, it does not contain the overlays)

J43 3rd RTR in the rain

J63 Silesian Interlude

Round 2. Annual classics

A32 Zon with the Wind

A68 Acts of Defiance

A70 Wintergewitter

Round 3. Module classics

ASL 23 Under the Noel trees

ASL 27 The Liberation of Tulle (AoO2 edition)

ASL 195 [G6] Rocket’s Red Glare CC SSR – Hexside I1/J0 is bypassable by infantry and AFV.

Round 4. The war in Norway

J41 By ourselves

238 Audacity!

241 Triumph Atop Taraldsvikfjell (CdG2 edition)