CC 2022 SE Scenarios

Round 1 Belgium (Sept 4th.-Sept. 30th)

DB159 Autumn Approach (7:11) [CC2022SE SSR: Replace one 4-4-7 squad with a 2-3-7 HS in the German OOB]
J62 Lee’s Charge (28:27)
J158 It Don’t Come Easy (26:18) [CC2022SE SSR: Increase American MMC ELR to 4]

Round 2 Stalingrad

DB158 A Stalinesque Christmas
VotG11 A Dangerous Possibility
RB11 Oh Joy!

Round 3 Playing with matches

BFP-66 Signal Hill
BoF-21 Dying for Danzig
RPT3 Varosmajor Grange

Round 4 Panthers

J60 Bad Luck
193 Abandon Ship!
DASL 37 Brave Little Emchas

Or if both players agree to play a longer game:

AP174 Forest Gumm
OtO30 The Big Cat’s Lair
J178 Old Friends