CC-2021 Scenarios

In each round, there is a slightly longer scenario that the players can choose. This scenario is marked (*) in the table.

Round 1. East front ’41-’42-’43

A107 The Red Wave. CC SSR: Russian ELR = 3

VotG-9 Eviction Notice

BFP-101 Panzer Spirit (*)

Round 2. To PTO or not to PTO

For pairings with two PTO players:

BFP-67 Coke Hill

153 Totsugeki!

248 Siam Sambal (*)

For pairings with one to two non-PTO players:

75 Strangers in a Strange Land

OA10 Monty’s Mess

O3 A Frosty Morning (*)

Round 3: Play on board 68

MM60 Liberating Loznica

FrF86 Belgian Tigers

J191 Rebels without a Pause (*)

Round 4: Polish Final

J113 Maczek Fire Brigade

BFP-105 The Winter City

BoF02 A Polish Requiem (*)