CC 2020 – The Corona Challenge

We are providing a friendly, invitational VASL* tournament for the Bodø players and friends, with short, classic scenarios suited for playing in one to two sittings with VASL and Discord/Skype. The tournament will be a Swiss style setup with no player elimination, 3-4 rounds with one month to play each round during Fall 2020.

If you want to participate, please contact Nils and/or Øyvind (see below) by August 28.

We shall fight in Norway. We shall fight through the journals, we shall fight through the annuals, we shall fight through the core modules, whatever the cost of those may be. We shall fight on virtual boards, we shall fight with dice. We shall never surrender.

(Though, if you have to surrender, to skip one round or drop out of the tournament, please let the CinC and Co-CinC know before the drawing of the next round.)


Round 1: 31. aug–25. sep

Round 2: 28. sep–23. oct

Round 3: 26. oct–20. nov

Round 4: 23. nov–18. dec

Online price giving ceremony: 20. dec


Tournament rules

Registered players

CC-CinC: Øyvind Jacobsen Bjørkås (contact information)

CC-Co-CinC: Nils Bakke (contact information)

( *VASL: If you are inexperienced with playing on VASL, please do not hesitate to contact Nils or Øyvind to set up a training session. 🙂

Results BASLO 2020

Champion: Tuomo, 3-0

Runner-up: Tron, 2-1

Oddgeir, 1-2

Nils, 1-2

Lars, 1-1

Øyvind, 0-2

Worst dice: Tuomo

Best dice: Tron

Nice playing area at Salmon center
141 Action at Balberkamp, Lars playing the allies. Gudbrandsdalen is long.
J19 Merzenhausen Zoo. Oddgeir and Tron
DTF2 Blitzkrieg! Nils and Tuomo
Nils introduces the prize for worst dice

Bodø ASL Open January 24.-26., 2020

A scenario with a view

When and where:

Bodø, Norway:ø

Friday 24th of January @ 17:00 – Sunday 26th of January 2020 @ 14:00.

The venue will be in Bodø center, in the Salmon Center (Sjøgata 21).

To be announced: Information about specific room, and how to access the room


All tournament participants are invited to an exclusive guided tour of The Norwegian Aviation Museum ( Friday at 14:00. Our guide will be Curator Karl L. Kleve. We meet at the museum parking lot at 13:45.

Friendly gaming:

We will happily try to arrange friendly gaming on Thursday and Friday. Let us know in advance and we will see what can be done.


We have no entry fees for this tournament for visiting players.

How to register:

Send an email – see contact information.