CC 2021 – The Corona Challenge, the Vaccine edition

We are once again providing a friendly, invitational VASL* tournament for the Bodø ASL group and friends in these virtual times. We were very happy with the participation for the first edition, and the players were unanimously positive about the tournament and opponents. In this edition, we have taken some of the feedback into account in the scenario selection.

To provide for a 1st price, this time we will collect a tournament fee of NOK 50/EUR 5/USD 5 from each player.

The tournament is a Swiss style setup with no player elimination, 4 rounds, with one month to play each round during winter-spring 2020. (It is possible to skip rounds or leave the tournament, please just let the CinC know.)

If you want to participate, please contact Øyvind by January 10, 2021. Please state whether you are up for a PTO scenario in round 2, or if you rather would want to play an ETO scenario in round 2.


Round 1: 18. jan – 12. feb

Round 2: 15. feb – 12. mar

Round 3: 15. mar – 16. apr

Round 4: 19. apr – 14. may


VASL tournament rules

CC-CinC: Øyvind Jacobsen Bjørkås (contact information)

CC-Co-CinC: Nils Bakke (contact information)

( *VASL: If you are inexperienced with playing on VASL, please do not hesitate to contact Nils or Øyvind to set up a training session. ?