CC VASL tournament rules

We are all here to have fun and to play, so be nice and play nice.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Øyvind if you have questions or need an adjucation.

Choosing scenarios (the ASO-way):

There are two ways of choosing a scenario;

1) you could agree on one of the three scenarios or

2) use the following method; Both of you choose one of the three scenarios which you will not play, and give the other 2 a priority of 1-2. In case of an equal “priority score” (2-1 vs 1-2) you will roll a diee to determine which scenario you are going to play.

Bidding for sides:

For this tournament we use the standard balance provisions given by the publisher. You bid 0 or 1 for the side you want to play. If you bid 1, you are prepared to play your chosen side, giving the opponent the balance. If both players bid the same, roll a die to decide who gets the chosen side, and play the scenario with the bid level of balance.


The players should use the VASL functionality for HIP and use Delayed notes to disclose them to the opponent at the appropriate moment.

Infantry Fire Table:

The standard IFT Fire table is the default fire table used. If both players agree you may use the IIFT.


Please use the latest VASL version.

By default, dice from should be used.

RULES (The same as ASO 2019-rules):

The tournament uses the official ASL Rules, 2nd. edition, with the exceptions of the TOURNAMENT SSR’s as mentioned below


– Kindling is NA in all scenarios (B25.11)


– No Snap-shots across walls/hedges


– If the scenario contains OBA please use the following “Pleva Rule”: Each red card/chit drawn as per C1.21 is mixed back into the pile, along with another red card/chit. Battery access is never lost due to drawing two red cards/chits. Extra card draw mechanics remain the same.


– In all scenarios, with building control, building hex control or building location control rubbled building hexes still counts for Victory Condition purposes. Note, falling rubble outside original building hexes does not count for Victory Condition Purposes.


– For vehicular mounted FT TK attempt vs an enemy AFV the following TK DRM apply:

Case A DRMs

Firer in Motion/Non-Stopped +2

Target in Motion/Non-Stopped +2

Concealed AFV +2

Regardless of the DRMs an Original DR of 2 is a Burn result and an Original DR of 3 is an Elim result if not already a Burn result.


AFV crews cannot voluntarily abandon (D5.4) their vehicle. AFV crews can also not intentionally disable their MA/SA in order to be able to abandon their vehicle (A.973)


Radios and Phones malfunction on a Radio Contact/Maintenance DR of 12. Radios have an R# value of 2. Phones have an R# value of 2. Both have no X#. (C1.22-C1.23)


Amendment to B26.53 (in bold): Whenever a fully-tracked vehicle passes a Bog check when entering a Wire hex through non-VBM, it removes that Wire counter from the hex if the colored dr of the Bog DR is 1.