CCTT format, fall 2021

Corona Challenge Team Tournament

In CCTT-2021 the players are divided into four teams of 3-5 players. (The tournament director arranges the teams to be approximately evenly matched.) The tournament is a round robin between the teams. There will be 3 ordinary rounds in the tournament.

Each team places its players at 3 to 5 fixed board positions, the highest ranked player (according to at the start of the tournament gets board 1, the next highest ranked player gets board 2, etc.

A matchup between two teams is played as a series of games at board 1 between the board 1 players of the two teams, at board 2 between the board 2 players of the two teams etc. Each individual game is played as a “normal” CC tournament game, where the two opponents agrees/bids for a scenario from the three available choices, and then agrees/bids for sides, possibly using the balance provisions (see CC tournament rules).

If a 3-player team meets a 4-player team, the 3-player team chooses one player to play on two boards. The “extra” match for this player is played on board 4. If no player is able to play on two boards this round, the tournament director will find a substitute.

If a player from a 3-player team needs to skip a round or withdraw from the tournament, the tournament director will work together with the team to find a substitute.

A match is decided according to the number of individual wins. The winning team gets 2 points, the losing team 0 points. In case of a draw each team gets 1 point.

In case of a draw on points at the end of the tournament, the number of individual wins is counted. In case there is still a draw between two teams, a playoff is played on one board (the teams choose who will play). If there is still a draw between more than two teams, the two playoff teams is decided by counting individual wins first on board 1, then if needed on board 2, and then if needed on board 3, and at last by random draw.

The winning team gets the title of 2021 CCTT Champions!

Individual honourable mentions

Any player scoring 3-0 on “his” board is considered a 2021 CCTT 1-4-9 Hero!