Corona Challenge Team Tournament, fall 2021

We look forward to dicing you with non-virtual snake eyes!

We are once again providing a friendly, invitational VASL* tournament for the Bodø ASL group and friends in these virtual times. This time we will divide the participants into teams, who will play the other teams for both collective glory and for individual merit.

To provide for small but non-virtual prices for the winners, we will collect NOK50/EUR 5 from each players.

If you want to participate, please contact Øyvind by August 10., 2021.

The tournament is played in three ordinary rounds.


Round 1. 16. aug.-24. sep

Round 2. 27. sep.-29. oct.

Round 3. 1. nov.-3. dec.


CCTT tournament format

VASL tournament rules

Registered players

CC-CinC: Øyvind Jacobsen Bjørkås (contact information)

CC-Co-CinC: Nils Bakke (contact information)

( *VASL: If you are inexperienced with playing on VASL, please do not hesitate to contact Nils or Øyvind to set up a training session. )