CC 2024 Announcement

The Corona challenge (CC) is back on VASL, in a slightly different format.

CC 2024 will be held in two groups (the HtH group and the Melee group, see below), and a player can choose to participate in only one of the two groups. The winner of each group will then meet in the Super-final.

You will play three rounds: One round each from the PTO, DTO and ETO. In each round you are paired with an opponent, and play one scenario chosen from a list of three. Each round will have a maximum playing time of 2–3 months, so the schedule should not be too taxing.

  • Round 1: April 1st–May 31st
  • Round 2: June 1st–August 31st
  • Round 3: September 1st–October 31st
  • Super-final: November 1st–December 31st

CC 2024 is a friendly tournament open by invitation only. If you have a friend who you would like to recommend for invitation, please contact Øyvind.

The tournament fee for CC2024 is NOK 100, EUR 10, USD 10 or DKK 70. The tournament fee covers a prize for the winner.

To participate, please contact Øyvind at no later than March 23rd.

Group 1: The HtH group

This group plays quick scenarios with a playing time of 3-6 hours.

Round 1: DTO

▾ Kampfgruppe Lang*

*This is changed since the first announcement

▾ A Well-Engineered Ambush

▾ Carrier Hill

Round 2: ETO

▾ Latecomers

▾ Eye of the Tiger

▾ Nord’s End

Round 3: PTO

▾ Aussie Spirit

▾ All The King’s Enemies

▾ Buckley’s Chance

Group 2: The Melee group

This group plays larger scenarios with a playing time of 8-15 hours, giving an opportunity to play scenarios that are not so commonly played. Please only choose this group if you are not a slow player.

This group will only be started if there are at least 4 participants. If there is an odd number of participants in this group, one participant might be paired with a participant in the other group in each round, playing a shorter scenario.

Round 1: DTO

▾ Gift of Time

▾ Khamsin

▾ “They’re Here! Reverse!”

Round 2: ETO

▾ Silver & Bronze

▾ Pipkorn’s Attempt

▾ The Big Cat’s Lair

Round 3: PTO

▾ Kwajalein Crush

▾ White Beach 1

▾ Tropic Lightning

Super-final round

This is optional for all other players than the winners of the two groups. It consists of shorter scenarios only.

▾ Walker’s Orders (KW)

▾ Strangers in a Strange Land

▾ The Last Day of the Cuneense